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What our Outset Torbay clients say...

“I’ve loved coming to the workshops so much. It’s been a fantastically supportive and communicative group. Ann is a brilliant Advisor, who created wonderful rapport with the group. I’ve learned a great deal more than I expected and have made connections with the others in the group that will continue after the course.

It feels great to be a part of something and all of the Outset team are very warm and open people who have a genuine desire to help people move forward with their lives and success in their own business.

Thank you SO much. Joining Outset was one of the best things I have done since moving to Devon!” Julie Antenbring


“Everything covered has been invaluable. It has been presented by Ann in a fun, enjoyable, clear and concise way. It has been a very relaxed, non-judgemental, supportive environment to learn in. I have looked forward to every single session. It has not only given me invaluable knowledge but so much confidence in myself, my abilities, my product, and the confidence to know that ‘I can do this!’. Thank you SO much, I have loved every minute of it!!” Melissa Denham


“This has really helped me to think about ways to research if there is a market for my business and look at what other similar businesses offer and thing about the gaps in the market. It’s helped me to think of ways I need to promote my business such as using social media. The costing and pricing work really helped me to understand that part of the business as I had not idea before how to work out the financial side.

Ann has been wonderful in teaching and explaining all the things involved in business and I’ve really enjoyed the way it has been delivered in such a friendly and released manner. The group has been really supportive, the discussions have been in-depth, leading us in various directions, a sing questions, bringing up queries and resolving them.

I’ve enjoyed all the sessions and met some wonderful people. This is a great and very informative course I would recommend it to anyone thinking of starting a business. Thank you!!” Michelle Vega


“Going through the Outset course helped me make the decision to focus on the business needs and move forward. Since attending, I now have bookings coming in for private events, which for me is the way forward. In addition, I have been taking Clayzer to large holiday parks, which is something I hope to develop further.” Chris Lancaster, Clayzer


“All the topics covered have given me encouragement and grown my confidence in myself and my business idea. Outset Torbay has helped make me aware of the steps I should be taking NOW before I get started.” Andy Youngs


“Very relevant to where I’m at, helping me identify what I still need to do, how to go about it, what resources to access. I really need to be more pro-active and the Outset Torbay programme is really highlighting what I need to do, where my weaknesses are and how I can strengthen.”    Sima Cutting


“The Outset programme has given me greater confidence. A really good taster of what you are required to think about in terms of setting up your business. It brought more clarity to my proposition. Great networking opportunities.” Jacqui Shaw, Coralline Health


“It has got me thinking more clearly and with more focus on my “ideas”, figuring out what my priorities are, how seriously I can make a living going what I love or if it’s a pipe-dream.”      Sarah Willoughby


“Outset REALLY encouraged me and helped me to become ‘unstuck’ through the encouragement, inspiration and creative ideas from other group members for MY business idea.” Liz McIntyre


“Every workshop has been beneficial to me and to my existing business. The main benefit is that it has lifted my morale and pushed me to deal with matters that had been lying dormant and preventing me from growing. Thank you.” Maria Shelton