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Becky Forte – Forever Beautiful

When 24 year old hairdresser Becky broke not one but both of her wrists five years ago,
she was told that she wouldn’t be able to continue the career that she was so passionate about. It was a massive blow to the ambitious hairdresser who had always dreamt of one day opening her own salon.

Being told that she wouldn’t be able to work in hairdressing again made Becky determined to regain the full use of her hands. She underwent multiple surgical procedures and, with ongoing physiotherapy, has slowly begun to build up the strength in her wrists.

“Being told I can’t do something made me even more hungry to do it!” says Becky. “I spent some time travelling the world and was able to work for short periods of time, which helped me develop my dexterity.”

On her return to Torbay, Becky was unable to find employment. She knew that she wanted to start her own hairdressing business but, although she felt confident that she had regained the strength back in her hands, she felt less sure about how to start her own business. “I went to Next Steps in Torquay who recommended the Outset Torbay business start-up support programme and I signed up straight away.”

Although initially feeling nervous about joining a group workshop, Becky quickly found the friendly supportive environment just what she needed. “The group was fantastic and my advisor Julie was amazing. I looked forward to the sessions every week.”

Becky went on to complete Outset Torbay’s Intensive Business Start-up workshops, alongside regular one-to-one sessions. “Having researched everything I possibly could, I now know my business! My business plan is my bible and if I hadn’t completed the Outset course I wouldn’t have had a clue about what to do.”

Becky has now opened her own salon, Forever Beautiful, in the Ellacombe area of Torquay. “Forever Beautiful is a small, friendly salon offering excellent service and knowledge. We offer affordable, gorgeous glamour with quirky furnishings and a welcoming atmosphere.

“The support from Outset Torbay has been outstanding and it’s brilliant to know that the team are there if I need any help or advice. My plans are now for my business to grow and expand so that I can train and employ local people.”

To book an appointment at Forever Beautiful contact Becky on 01803 200497 or visit the salon at 88 Victoria Road, Torquay.

Outset Torbay has been funded by the ERDF Competitiveness and Employment programme and Torbay Development Agency which invests in activities that will have a long-term impact on the growth and development of the local economy.