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Chris Batchelor – Chris Batchelor Confidence Coach and Communication Trainer

When Chris lost his full-time contract as a local radio presenter, following a company restructure, he felt it was time to look to a new career in which he could call the shots.

After a period of claiming Jobseekers Allowance and Housing Benefit, Chris secured a part-time job which enabled him to focus on his idea for starting his own business which would use his extensive public speaking skills and passion for psychology.

“I have always wanted to work in a role that helps others”, says Chris. “But the thought of starting a business was very daunting – I didn’t have the knowledge or skills required.”

Chris got in touch with Outset Torbay in February 2011, for help to explore his idea for a business that offers public speaking and confidence coaching,

“Outset offered a full package that made starting a business an achievable goal, rather than just a dream. And it was free!”

Chris progressed through the Outset programme, receiving over 30 hours of free support to help start his new business on the right footing.

“Outset Torbay helped me to bring all of my ideas in to one focused project, breaking down my business idea in to manageable and workable chunks.”

Since completing the Outset programme, Chris has gone on to launch Chris Batchelor Confidence Coach and Communication Trainer, a business offering coaching and training in confidence, communication and public speaking.

“I help my clients change the way they think, feel and behave towards public speaking. For some people their anxiety can inhibit their true potential, causing them to appear uncomfortable, unprofessional and even incompetent. Using psychological coaching techniques, including hypnotherapy and NLP, I coach clients through a process of change, developing their confidence and also helping them to improve their presentation and communication skills.”

The business has gone from strength-to-strength, delivering workshop training days, private coaching sessions and a series of training events for clients such as Exeter City Council.

“I want to continue to help people to succeed, and develop their skills, whilst building a great reputation for my business.”

For more information on Chris Batchelor Confidence Coach and Communication Trainer, visit the website.

Outset Torbay has been funded by the ERDF Competitiveness and Employment programme and Torbay Development Agency.

For more information on how Outset Torbay could help you develop your business idea into a reality, please call us on 0800 032 2905, email us on info@outsettorbay.co.uk or visit www.outsettorbay.co.uk.