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Jema Payne – Crafty Jems


Brixham-based Jema had always dreamt of using her creative talent to one day start her own business, but it wasn’t until her daughter was born that she decided to pursue her dream, giving her a flexible working life that she could fit around her new baby.

Jema’s close friend had joined the free programme of Outset Torbay’s Business Start-up workshops in Brixham and recommended that she came along too.

The free local support came at the right time for Jema, allowing her to explore her creative potential and develop her business skills.

“I’m very eclectic,” says Jema, “I have many interests and always have many projects on the go. I’m most happy when I’m being creative, so the combination of this, together with being a new parent, led me to look at starting an artwork and children’s clothes/accessories business.”

Through Outset’s programme of local group workshops and one-to-one coaching, Jema was able to research and test her market and products, learning valuable business skills along the way.

“The whole programme has been very informative, but also relaxed and fun, which helps so much in boosting confidence. It has not only given me the information I needed, but also the confidence to believe in myself and do it!”

Jema has gone on to launch Crafty Jems, a home-based business creating hand-made children’s clothing, keepsakes and artwork.

“The business is steadily expanding to include new ranges of children’s clothing. A recent investment in an embroidery machine has enabled me to customise and personalise almost all products and I’m looking to develop my online sales through the website.”

Thanks to Outset Torbay’s support, Jema has been able to achieve her goal, building a home-based business that allows her to spend the precious early years with her daughter whilst earning an income to help provide for her family.

For more information on Crafty Jems call 01803 611314 or visit www.craftyjems.co.uk

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