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Lorraine Shears – Frugal Farmers


Lorraine Shears had enjoyed a varied career in the fashion industry and later in catering, but it was her passion for growing and producing food that led her to retrain in horticulture and look to starting her Torbay-based business supplying and delivering local food produce.

“I wanted to provide a convenient food supply, produced locally and without excessive packaging, which would also support local farmers and producers,” says Loraine.

Lorraine approached local business start-up programme Outset Torbay for support to develop her business plan and build on her knowledge and skills to get her new business off the ground.

“I came to Outset Torbay to bring my business knowledge up to date,” says Lorraine. “I found the whole start-up programme really easy to follow. I chose to do the workshops on Saturdays, which was very convenient for me. I’ve enjoyed interacting with like-minded individuals with whom I could discuss and bounce ideas and I’ve been able to put my business plan together in bite-size chunks, which has enabled me to consider each aspect of my business carefully.”

In October 2011, Lorraine launched her business Frugal Farmers. “I provide a ‘farm gate-to-plate’ service! Our products include vegetables, fruit, herbs, plants, flowers and gifts as well as other locally sourced food products delivered to customers in their homes, reducing the need for excessive packaging whilst supporting the local economy.”

Lorraine is now looking to increase her service across Torbay, with the goal to employ staff and create jobs.

Outset Torbay has been funded by the ERDF Competitiveness and Employment programme and Torbay Development Agency.

For more information about Frugal Farmers please email frugalfarmgirls@gmail.com or visit www.frugalfarmers.net.

For more information on how Outset Torbay could help you develop your business idea into a reality, please call us on 0800 032 2905, email us on info@outsettorbay.co.uk or visit www.outsettorbay.co.uk.