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Lynda Newman-Miller – Achieve Balance through Shiatsu

Lynda had been flying high for years, working as cabin crew for a large airline and travelling all over the world. However, this busy career started to take its toll, with long commutes to London, constant jet lag, long hours and ongoing stress.

Feeling the pressures of extensive travel, Lynda stumbled across the practice of Shiatsu and experienced almost instant benefits. She found that the traditional hands-on Japanese healing art helped to balance her lifestyle, keeping her mentally and physically healthy whilst managing the demands of her job.

Lynda was so impressed by Shiatsu, that she decided to learn more about it in between her long flights, and after studying for 3 years, became a qualified practitioner herself.

When the opportunity came leave the airline industry, Lynda, aged 57, new it was time to ‘get out’ and do something rewarding.  “I knew I had to take a leap of faith” Lynda says, “It was now or never and I jumped in at the deep end to become a self-employed Shiatsu practitioner. It was then that I came across Outset Torbay.”

Lynda initially needed help with understanding business taxes, but soon discovered much more support available through the Outset programme.

“I have found the workshops invaluable, not just for all the practical information, but for all the motivation, encouragement and support from the advisors and others in the group”.

“I now feel so much more confident about my business ‘Achieve Balance through Shiatsu’.  I treat people at “Herbs and Honey” therapy rooms in St. Marychurch, my home or at clients’ homes.  I am also focusing on developing ‘seated Shiatsu’; offering Shiatsu massage to employees in local businesses.  I feel so lucky to be earning an income by doing something that I love!”

Outset Torbay has been funded by the ERDF Competitiveness and Employment programme and Torbay Development Agency which invests in activities that will have a long-term impact on the growth and development of the local economy.