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Maggie Taylor – SugarFix Creative

With 18 years’ professional marketing experience and a flair for creative design and communications, Maggie Taylor knew she had the potential to one day start her own business doing what she loved, but it was a lack of confidence and an uncertainly of what it would involve that had prevented her from taking the plunge.

When her contract as a marketing manager came to an end, Maggie had the time to look into the viability of self-employment, undertaking market research and seeking guidance and support from local business start-up organisation, Outset Torbay.

“I found myself with the time to be able to focus on the idea of starting my own business”, says Maggie. “I needed some guidance and general support. I had a whole heap of questions that would have led me on a wild goose chase around the banks, HMRC, the council and accountants. Outset had all the information I needed, as well as a great group of people for moral support.”

Outset’s support, together with her own talent, enthusiasm and determination, enabled Maggie to develop her plans for SugarFix Creative, a marketing and graphic design agency in Torquay serving Torbay and South Devon.

“My confidence has grown ten-fold. The fear of ‘what if it doesn’t work out?’ has been lifted because Outset has helped me to address all the niggling doubts and questions, putting me in the right frame of mind to go for it.”

SugarFix Creative launched in May 2012 and is taking its fresh thinking creativity and passion, combined with a traditional customer service approach, to deliver powerful and outstanding branding, marketing, websites, design and advertising campaigns to help clients grow their businesses.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Outset Torbay programme and meeting like-minded people. Building up my business has really helped to grow my confidence in the expertise I can offer to others.

The support Maggie received from Outset to start her own business has not only allowed her to create a new job for herself, but will hopefully create further new jobs for the local economy in the future.

“I’m extremely proud of my business and what I have achieved. In the next 12 months I hope to have two full-time staff and a high street office base.”

For more information on SugarFix Creative or to arrange a free marketing consultation for your business visit www.sugarfixcreative.com or call 01803 312322.

Outset Torbay has been funded by the ERDF Competitiveness and Employment programme and Torbay Development Agency.

For more information on how Outset Torbay could help you develop your business idea into a reality, call us on 0800 032 2905, email us on info@outsettorbay.co.uk or visit www.outsettorbay.co.uk.