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How mentoring can help your business

In the early stages of launching a new business venture, new business owners usually need to turn their hand to a number of tasks, such as managing operations, writing press releases, keeping track of finances and even sending out the odd tweet every now and again. Being in charge of everything can make it difficult to focus on future plans and long-term business goals.

Enter the business mentor: someone who brings experience and an outside perspective to your business – and can offer personal and general business support, to help keep clarity, focus and progress on track. A mentor not only acts as a confidential sounding board when you most need it, but is there to share the highs and the lows, explore challenges and provide invaluable support to reach those all important business development milestones.

A good mentor has usually ‘got the T-shirt’, to bounce ideas around while helping the business owner – their mentee – to generate creative, innovative solutions, and identifying potential risks and returns with an experienced eye for the pitfalls – and where the real opportunities lie. When starting a new enterprise journey, or building an existing one, having an experienced mentor on your side can help to sidestep those pitfalls  and make the most of those opportunities!

Outset Torbay’s parent company, YTKO, is excited to be working alongside Mentorsme, Get Mentoring and Business in You to promote the benefits that mentoring can bring to you and your business.

Over the next month, we will be exploring how mentoring has helped individuals to grow their enterprises – with a firm eye on building a sustainable business.

We hope you will join the discussion – by connecting through Facebook and Twitter to share your experiences of mentoring, for answers to your questions – or for help to find the right business mentor for you!

Contact us today  – and we can point you in the right direction to get you started.