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Outset launches Accelerate to Sustainability to help existing businesses

Outset Torbay’s Accelerate to Sustainability sessions have been specifically designed to break down tricky knowledge barriers, providing businesses with the confidence and the skills to tackle potential problems that arise.

The practical series of half-day sessions are centered around money, marketing and sales, and give businesses the focused time to plan and prepare their future business goals. With the support of dedicated advisors, business owners gain the opportunity to work towards creating a sustainable enterprise.

Outset Torbay have recognised a need for existing small businesses to receive additional free support in certain areas to help the business grow. The additional sessions will be run at different times throughout the year, subject to availability.



Figure out your Finances:

Finance is that key ingredient that helps your business to function from day to day. Understanding your money is vital for calculating everything from your profit margins to predicting your cash flow forecast. It also helps to plan your future goals and make those longer-term aspirations a reality.

Mix it up with Marketing!

Once you have your finances in order and your projected numbers, it’s time to generate some interest in your business. You have worked so hard to get to this stage, but now you need to find the best ways to reach your potential customers!

Selling for Success!

Not everyone has the ability to sell ice to the Eskimos, but when you are passionate about your business and know your target audience, all you need are a few simple tools to start selling your product to your potential customers.

For more information, please contact the Outset Torbay office on 0800 032 2905 or visit the ‘workshops’ page of this website to book.