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Support the South Devon Link Road

Torbay Development Agency is supporting Devon County and Torbay Council’s campaign to secure funding and central government backing for the South Devon Link Road.

But we cannot work alone; winning Department for Transport backing will require full support from the business community of Torbay and South Devon to explain the damage to their businesses if the link road isn’t built, and the potential benefits to their businesses if it is built.

The more businesses that join the lobbying campaign the better. The deciding factors will be the impact on the survival of existing business and the potential of attracting much needed investment to the area if the road is built, and these impacts will be considered against the cases made by competing regions of the UK. Torbay is not perceived nationally as a “needy” area, despite our statistics, so we have to work extra hard locally to convince the decision makers in Whitehall and Westminster that this investment is crucial.

However, to help businesses make the case, we have provided a suggested checklist to help you form your lobbying letter. (This is just guideline; please include whatever information you wish to share to make the strongest case possible to help us win the bid for funding)

Letters from businesses need to be sent directly to Norman Baker MP at the address below, not via the TDA, to show that argument is coming directly from the private sector, by the end of January.


▪                Number of employees

▪                Number of years operating

▪                Main challenges facing the sustainability and development of your business

▪                What is the likely impact on your business if the link road goes ahead?

▪                What is the likely impact on your business if the link road doesn’t go ahead?

▪                Annual turnover

▪                What is the outlook for your business over the next five years?

▪                Are you considering further investment in Torbay?

▪                Are you considering investment outside of Torbay? If so, has the lack of a link road influenced this decision?

Letters should be sent to: Norman Baker MP, Department for Transport, Great Minster House, 76 Marsham Street, London, SW1P 4DR, email norman.baker@dft.gsi.gov.uk