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Success Stories

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Lynette Jordan – Flossy and Jim

It was just a few short years ago that Lynette Jordan (“Flossy”) found herself a single mother of two young children, unemployed, bankrupt, and evicted from her home in Swindon.

Outset’s 300th business! Sandra Dance – Cleaning Central

At Outset, we’re continually inspired by the effort our clients put into starting their own businesses, but Sandra Dance’s story is really something special.

Virginia Hartley – www.funkmyseat.co.uk

Virginia Hartley started her retail career back in the 1980s on Camden Market. A graduate of the London College of Fashion, she made and sold clothes on her stall that reflected her own individual style and creativity.

Mike Collins – Mi Print Associates

Having been employed continuously for 44 years in the print industry, Mike Collins suddenly faced the daunting prospect of unemployment.

Julie Brandon – Artizan

It was after a series of unchallenging jobs over a number of years that Julie decided it was time to fulfill her creative ambition and start her own business.

James King – Fab Furnishings

At Outset Torbay, we love to see clients use a change in their circumstances to follow their dream and turn a long-cherished hobby or interest into a thriving business.

Nigel Priest – MotorWise

Nigel Priest is an inspiration to prospective entrepreneurs, having overcome significant personal barriers to achieve his dream of being his own boss.

Claudenicia Da Piedade Samson – PS Brazil Travel

At Outset Torbay we see clients who have great determination and passion to change their lives for the better. Claudenicia Da Piedade Samson is a fantastic example of this.

Derek Goodwin – Quali-G Diagnostics

At Outset Torbay we see people at all stages of life taking the leap to overcome barriers and start their own business, often realising a long held ambition to become their own boss.

Lisa Gubby & Jez Barker – Bay Cycles

Jez had been dreaming of owning a cycle store since he started working as a Saturday boy when he was 12 years old – his first job was putting pieces of chalk into puncture repair kits in his local bike shop.

John Fowler – Devon Scenic Photography

When John Fowler retired from his 20-year electrical engineering career, he knew it was the beginning or a new opportunity, one where he could develop his passion and talent for creating stunning scenic photography to start his own business.

Nick Hall – Space Savers

Nick Hall had been running a national cleaning company and managing nearly two hundred members of staff when he started to suffer from work-related stress, and subsequently became unemployed.

David Griffiths – Pennys Hill Design

After 19 years of working for other people in large companies and feeling the continuing threat of redundancy, creative and outgoing David Griffiths decided it was time to take control of his own future.

Rebekah Hamilton – Oyster Accounts

When Rebekah lost her public sector job due to recent cutbacks, she felt it was time to consider the possibility of working for herself, creating her own job where she could use her skills and experience and have the flexibility she needed to fit around her family.

Craig & Leela Hope – The Custom Cabinet Company

Outset Torbay’s 200th business start-up – Craig and Leela Hope of The Custom Cabinet Company.

Kyoko Bell – Maido Noodle bar

Outset Torbay helped Kyoko Bell to open Torbay’s only Japanese noodle bar – which is now celebrating its first year of successful and delicious business!

Emily Gomez – Bay Bouncers

Torquay born Emily Gomez has been coaching gymnastics since she was 12, and is a qualified PE teacher. She decided to start her own business following the birth of her second son, and sought help from Outset Torbay to give her the business skills to complement her sports and fitness qualifications. “I found Outset was […]

Lyn Grant – Cloudberry Lily Vintage Interiors

Lyn Grant came to Outset Torbay because she realised she needed the business skills to back up her evident creative flair and help her in her dream of opening an interiors shop.

Anthony Ajayi – Radian Scientific becomes our 150th business!

Anthony Ajayi launches the 150th new business started with help from Outset Torbay.

Catherine Fitzgerald – The Animal Dinner Lady

Following redundancy in her fifties, Catherine took on two part-time office jobs to keep herself afloat, then lost both of them within eighteen months due to a lack of relevant computer skills. These set-backs made her determined to work for herself….

Mark Lane – Neffy’s Coffee House

Attending an Outset programme was the key to Mark’s success, having had some bad experiences in the past with other business courses.

Chris Lancaster – Clayzer

At aged 50, Chris Lancaster’s long-standing career with the Police force came to an end following widespread financial cutbacks across the service. The reality of losing a guaranteed salary was daunting, but it was an opportunity for Chris to reassess his future and explore new opportunities for self-employment.

Simon & Jennie Waugh – Hire A Hubby Handyman

When Simon and Jennie Waugh relocated to Paignton from the Midlands with their young daughter, they decided to start a new life and a new business together that would offer them the flexibility to balance work with family life.

Grace Edwards – Grace Edwards Equine

With her passion, skills and dedication for horse welfare, 23 year old Grace Edwards knew that she wanted to pursue a career where she could help horses and their owners.

Amanda Powell – Pets Be Friends

Having spent most of her career working with animals, mainly in veterinary surgeries, Amanda Powell identified a high proportion of pets with dietary intolerances and allergies, which gave her the idea to develop her own range of specialist edible treats for animals with sensitive tummies.

Maggie Taylor – SugarFix Creative

With 18 years’ professional marketing experience and a flair for creative design and communications, Maggie Taylor knew she had the potential to one day start her own business doing what she loved,

Julie Alford – Choice Homehelp

The prospect of being her own boss would not have occurred to single parent Julie, but at nearly 50 and facing difficulties in finding employment, she felt determined to find a job which would fit in around family life and also give her enough income to come off benefits. In November 2011, she decided to […]

Liz Wimbleton – Busy Lizzy’s Play Cafe

Liz Wimbleton had enjoyed a 20-year rewarding career supporting homeless families…

Gail Trezise – Art Ceramics

At aged 50, Gail Trezise took the life-changing decision to leave her job working in a care home kitchen and focus full time on her passion for craft and ceramics.

Lorraine Shears – Frugal Farmers

Lorraine Shears had enjoyed a varied career in the fashion industry and later in catering, but it was her passion for growing and producing food that led her to retrain in horticulture

Jema Payne – Crafty Jems

Brixham-based Jema had always dreamt of using her creative talent to one day start her own business.

Steve Brewer – Responsible Inventories

Finding himself aged over 50, unemployed and in a poor labour market, Steve Brewer felt overwhelmed and uncertain as he assessed his future.

Chris Batchelor – Chris Batchelor Confidence Coach and Communication Trainer

When Chris lost his full-time contract as a local radio presenter, following a company restructure, he felt it was time to look to a new career in which he could call the shots.

Sophie Bower – Millie and Me

It had been a long-standing dream of Sophie Bower to one day own her own events planning and catering business

Maciej Fabisch – Magic Machines

It was his wealth of experience and qualifications in electronic engineering that led Maciej Fabisch to consider starting his own business in electrical repairs.

Eleanor Stafford – Designed by Eleanor

When single mum and graphic designer Eleanor Stafford found herself facing redundancy for the second time she knew she needed help to assess her options for employment.

Will Reddaway – WR Photography

With high unemployment and increasing university costs, young people are now facing challenging decisions for their future.

Deb Capon – Scoffers Buffet Company

The drive to start her own buffet catering business led passionate ‘foodie’ Deb to contact local business start-up programme Outset Torbay

Becky Forte – Forever Beautiful

When trained hairdresser Becky broke not one but both of her wrists five years ago,

Helen Lloyd-Hoare – Moonstone Glass

Single parent Helen wanted to find a flexible means of income that would allow her to spend the time she needed with her home-educated children.

Sallyanne Metcalf – Vanity Fur

Following a period of ill health, Sallyanne took the life-changing decision to leave a 20-year career in HR to focus on her recuperation

Benita Bray – Designed with Love 4U

The impact of Myalgic Encephalopathy (ME) on Blatchcombe resident Benita’s health meant that she was unable to continue her 17-year nursing career.

Jacqui Shaw and Pauline Neal – Coralline Health

It was a natural combination of skills and passion that led Jacqui Shaw and Pauline Neal to consider starting their own business in Torbay.

Lynda Newman-Miller – Achieve Balance through Shiatsu

Lynda had been flying high for years, working as cabin crew for a large airline and travelling all over the world.

Bill Callaghan – Learn4Life Ltd

When Bill Callaghan found out he would be made redundant from his teaching post at a Brixham primary school, he had no option but to reassess his future.

Ellen Grindley – Brightwell Communications

The inspiration to start her own business came about almost by accident for Ellen Grindley, after a friend’s invitation to attend a local business-networking group led her to spot a new opportunity to work for herself.

Robert Winstone – Prestige Decorating

The prospect of redundancy has become an unfortunate reality for many as the economy continues to recover from recession and employers are hit hard by large-scale cost cutting. Robert was just one of the recent causalities, when after 40 years working for a local electrical contractor, his employer lost a large contract and he was made redundant.

Victoria Bowman – Threads of Devon

With a long career background in the NHS and the private healthcare sector, providing care for patients with a variety of illnesses, Victoria Bowman found that she could no longer manage the physical demands of her profession.