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Block – I2E RHS


You and your business – How creative are you?

As well as spending time getting to know your new group, this workshop explores your creativity and the importance of staying creative when you run your own business. Plus, your group will help you to develop some surprising new business ideas!

Business Awareness

A special workshop designed to increase your awareness of your own business environment, including identifying opportunities, maintaining your inner entrepreneur and also understanding your own attitudes and barriers to moving forward.

Customers and competitors

How well do you know your market? Learn how your customers really aren’t ‘everyone’ and how by developing your understanding of your customers and competitors you can save time and money, but sell more!

Professionalism, focus and service

What makes you and your business ‘professional’? This workshop takes you through the importance of image, customer service and business communications when it comes to being ‘professional’.

Progress and presentation

In this workshop we take a closer look at the results of your market research and work together to interpret the results before exploring the importance of good presentation skills. Don’t like giving presentations? Let us help you in this workshop with some really practical advice.

Finance and risk

Have you taken the time to work out how much money you need to survive or even what your attitudes to money are? In this session you will complete a personal survival budget and test the financial viability of your business.


Is your business going to work? Taking into account all the market research you have done and exploration of your business idea, today you will complete a feasibility exercise.

Business presentations and next steps

Your time to shine! Present your business to your group and work with the advisors to plan those all important next steps next steps.