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Block – Start Up RHS


This programme takes you through a comprehensive, more challenging and in depth series of workshops, equipping you with the key skills and knowledge you need to be able to start and grow a sustainable business.


SWOT, mission statement, USP, market research, marketing, action planning are all covered in this session including what are the 7 Ps of marketing and why are they important to the growth of your new business.

Introduction to Financial Planning

Taking the fear out of business finance! Do you think of your cash flow forecast as pure guesswork? Is the thought of having to do a forecast for your business plan filling you with dread? Then this session really is for you.

Costing & Pricing

Costing and pricing your product or service, how do you work out how much to charge for this? Whether you are selling a product or providing a service this session helps you to decide on a clear structure for your pricing policy using a standard ‘recipe’ to guide you.

Promotion & Skills Audit

You will look at promotional strategies for your business and the skills, support and training you may require to help you promote your business efficiently and successfully.


Selling yourself, your product or your service, the part that many people dread when it comes to running a business.