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Where I am now > I have a great business idea

It has got me thinking more clearly and with more focus on my “ideas”, figuring out what my priorities are, how seriously I can make a living going what I love or if it’s a pipe-dream.” Sarah Willoughby

Congratulations! Having a great idea is a good starting point, though not always essential, so don’t worry if it needs some refining yet.

We will ensure you have the support you need to turn that idea into a fruitful new business, whether it’s through access to Outset Online, our online-learning programme that helps walk you through the steps of starting up your business; or with a Start Up Loan and mentoring support through Outset Finance, ensuring you’ve got the right finances and support to get up and running.

What’s stopping you?

The programme is completely free, will not affect any benefit entitlement you may have and looks fantastic on your CV should you decide that self-employment isn’t for you.

Your next step

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