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Where I am now > I have just been made redundant

“This entire course has been a fulfilling and wonderful experience indeed!” Alan Amor

Being told that your job is no longer there means different things to different people. For some, if it has been a long-term threat, the final notice can come as a relief and offer freedom to pursue other things or follow a long held dream.

For most though, a shock redundancy can make you feel angry, frightened, lost and confused about what to do next. Especially if you are concerned about your age, qualifications, experience, or the job market as a whole.

If you support a family, we appreciate that there is an increased sense of urgency to find a replacement income.

Although it may seem a hopeless situation for some, there are practical options available to you. Free training and mentoring with Outset Torbay to help you become self-employed or start your own business is one of those options. Don’t think you could do it? Think again.

We work with people in Torbay who have been made redundant and never thought that they could run their own businesses or work self-employed.

“It’s great to know there is a bank of knowledge right here. I’m very excited and eager to start a new life and a new career” Julie Coulls

What’s stopping you?

Outset Online, is our online start-up support programme designed to help you get started. It won’t affect any benefit entitlements you may have and the business skills and knowledge you will acquire by completing the programme will look fantastic on your CV, even if you decide that running a business isn’t for you.

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